Thursday, April 30, 2009

Idiot Babbles, Uh, Rebabbles Some More....

The biggest idiot ever in the VP slot, bungles, bumbles and bops himself in his mouth with his own foot. Again. Again. And again.

Hope you enjoy what you voted for America.

This man's mouth is so disengaged from his brain that you wonder how he walks, talks, and chews gum at the same time.

Politico, an Enemy Press News Outlet ABC web page, reports that the plagiarist halfwit mis-spoke, as usual. "Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he would not recommend taking any commercial flight or riding in a subway car “at this point” because swine flu virus can spread “in confined places.” A little more than one hour later, Biden rushed out a statement backing off." Or was it Neil Kinnock?

Yeah, such a great thinker. So much confidence in his oratorical abilities that "The White House quickly arranged for Biden to make this statement through a spokesperson." Hyuk. Too stupid not to mess it up by speaking himself. Why? "These sorts of comments are what the Obama administration fears from Biden, who after more than three decades in Washington is known for making gaffes." So he's a known idiot, and yet he's the second most powerful man on this planet. So don't worry all you worry warts, Obama will serve out his one term. Nobody wants this clown in a position of making any decisions....

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Stupid Power!!!!

How GD stupid can one administration be?

No need to answer, I'm sure more is coming over the next four years. Stupidity, cupidity, and evil. All rolled into one package. It's a gift!!!!!

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"No Cause For Alarm:" Prepare For Dying Citizens

The Chastisement® has pontificated on the possible influenza outbreak. "No cause for alarm," says he.

Meanwhile, Europe tells its subjects to avoid traveling to the US and Mexico, according to Enemy Press News Outlet CNN.

No cause for alarm.

But the idiot, hate-filled chief of the DHS indicated that the government has "declared a public health emergency." Maybe it's just no cause for alarm for King Saul®. After all, this possible outbreak could reduce the number of bitter clingers. Gotta let nature take its course.

Now, hopefully we will escape a pandemic like the worldwide flu epidemic that killed millions in 1918. We certainly have the technology and better medicines. Of course our free market system will allow many of our private companies to develop either vaccines or otc palliatives like tamiflu. Imagine the possible misery if the government ran health care: Litmus tests for vaccines or care. You're too fat? No vaccine for you. You smoke? No vaccine for you. You aren't from a "diverse" background? No vaccine for you. Yeah, great opportunity to institute a socialized heath care scheme when your nominal leader is too stupid to be concerned about a possible epidemic breaking out. Cases have already been reported from various areas of the country and the clown in chief doesn't think it's any cause for alarm.

Stupidity, cupidity, and just plain evil infests The Occupied White House®. Wouldn't be surprised to find out the public gets barred from touring the place and Congress to keep those stinky tourists out. We wouldn't want our masters to possibly contract "No cause for alarm"....

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Roxana!

Too bad you're in prison. In Iran. Heck of lot more guts than King Saul®. Let's see what The Occupied White House® is gonna do about getting you free.

Maybe he'll try this trick again....

Go here to support Roxana:
Notes of an Anesthesioboist: Bloggers Are Dying: Join Our Blog Rally

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

You Tube

Ok, I have one. Visit it here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Perfection! Or Close To It....

Place one layer of ice cream in bowl. Sprinkle M&Ms or Reese's Pieces over ice cream, then cover with malt powder. Top with Reese's Shell. Repeat for second layer.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Ooopsy! Enemy Press Slips, Shows Backlash Against Evil Iranian Midget

Hee hee! Guess the Enemy Press news outlet Reuters and Associated Press forgot their little pre-publishing tete a tete before posting stories about the appearance of Iran's president, Joe C(F)ool, before the World Conference of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance towards Israel and Jews in Geneva today.

Reuters reported that during the Mad Dinnerjacket's speech, in which he blamed the post WWII West for causing the problems in the Middle East today, some diplomats walked out. They mouthed the appropriate words of sorrow for what they had heard - although why any country of any moral standing would have been there is a question many should ask - but apparently they will stay for the rest of the Wannsee Conference. At post time, not one country has decided to pull out as a result of this speech.

The organizers of Fest Judenhaas 2009, the UN, had its spokesweasel "deplore" the speech. "Rupert Colville, spokesman for Navi Pillay, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights who convened the meeting, said she deplored the language used by Ahmadinejad. 'This speech was completely inappropriate at a conference designed to nurture diversity and tolerance,' he said." Of course, they didn't say he would be booted from the conference. After all, he has a statement to help write.

AP accidentally reported that Mad Dinnerjacket was heckled during the speech. They slipped and reported that protesters threw rainbow wigs and clown noses at him while he was speaking. Looks like the vast left wing, anti-Semitic conspiracy will be punishing poor AP for this shocking breach of anti-anti-Jew reporting. The unfortunate reporter, Frank Jordans, will be out of work soon, if he isn't already. Can't let things like that go without some kind of punishment.

Otherwise it was the same old "deploring" being voiced by UN personnel. Nothing new here. The UN has an anti-Israel and anti-Jew agenda and, by Satan, they'll do everything they can to implement their plans. Too bad for them, they'll fail.

In honor of his appearance at the conference, Iran's president now has a new official portrait:

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Comedy Tonight

Friday, April 17, 2009

Biff Bammer Presents....

Global Warming

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Kissing Up To The Castros

The Enemy Press News outlet AP heads a new story this way today: "OAS, US warm up to Cuba after Raul Castro overture."

Well of course they would. Ruling birds of a filthy feather socialize together....

Via Yahoo! News

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