Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gutless Yellowbelly Response To Piracy?

One hero in need with pirate forces heading to the scene to help the buccaneers, and what's the story? "US ships block help for pirates holding US captain." The Enemy Press AP is reporting that the US Navy is "blocking" more pirate vessels from aiding their terrorist friends.




Yes, you heard that right, blocking. A powerful US Navy warship is merely blocking other pirate ships from coming to help out the failed crew of thugs.

Howse about destroying pirate ships heading toward the out of fuel lifeboat? Don't block the bastards from coming in, let them approach and obliterate the ships!!!! How weak, how spineless, how cowardly have we become since history was made. When the gallant captain made a break for it, he was apparently within sight of the USS Bainbridge, therefore any ships or boats that approach the area are almost necessarily, pirate vessels. The ship should have the ability to know what is going on in the area. Anyone not authorized should be destroyed. It's not very likely that innocent sailors are out enjoying the sea in that area now.

The time for a sensitive handling of the pirate scourge should be at an end. Piracy won't be ended by pussyfooting around with them. This example by Vice President of the Philippines is exactly what we must cease doing. "'We hope that before launching any tactical action against the pirates, the welfare of every hostage is guaranteed and ensured,' said Vice President Noli de Castro. 'Moreover, any military action is best done in consultation with the United Nations to gain the support and cooperation of other countries.'" No one anywhere can guarantee the safety of any hostage. Neither the attacking forces, nor the pirates themselves. This kind of talk only results in ransoms and dead hostages. And the pirate menace will continue because it is profitable. Only when we make piracy unprofitable by returning to the ancient ways of dealing with pirates will piracy lessen or cease.

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