Monday, April 27, 2009

"No Cause For Alarm:" Prepare For Dying Citizens

The Chastisement® has pontificated on the possible influenza outbreak. "No cause for alarm," says he.

Meanwhile, Europe tells its subjects to avoid traveling to the US and Mexico, according to Enemy Press News Outlet CNN.

No cause for alarm.

But the idiot, hate-filled chief of the DHS indicated that the government has "declared a public health emergency." Maybe it's just no cause for alarm for King Saul®. After all, this possible outbreak could reduce the number of bitter clingers. Gotta let nature take its course.

Now, hopefully we will escape a pandemic like the worldwide flu epidemic that killed millions in 1918. We certainly have the technology and better medicines. Of course our free market system will allow many of our private companies to develop either vaccines or otc palliatives like tamiflu. Imagine the possible misery if the government ran health care: Litmus tests for vaccines or care. You're too fat? No vaccine for you. You smoke? No vaccine for you. You aren't from a "diverse" background? No vaccine for you. Yeah, great opportunity to institute a socialized heath care scheme when your nominal leader is too stupid to be concerned about a possible epidemic breaking out. Cases have already been reported from various areas of the country and the clown in chief doesn't think it's any cause for alarm.

Stupidity, cupidity, and just plain evil infests The Occupied White House®. Wouldn't be surprised to find out the public gets barred from touring the place and Congress to keep those stinky tourists out. We wouldn't want our masters to possibly contract "No cause for alarm"....

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