Thursday, April 02, 2009

Obama Welcomes His New....

Well, well, well. Pam at Atlas Shrugs noticed The Chastisement's® digusting slobbering over the ruler of Saudi Arabia.

Americans don't bow or scrape to any earthly ruler or power, yet King Saul® has worshipped at the feet of one of our frenemies.

So just who does this man serve?

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AnnaEsse said...

An anonymous White House spokesman said that Obonkers was grasping the Saudi King's hands with both of his own and also that Obonkers had to lean over because the king is shorter! Gimme a break! When meeting the British Queen, who is considerably shorter than him, Obama did a very slight, almost imperceptible nod of his head and he did not need to bend over like a half-shut knife to shake her hand!