Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Orange Dhimmitude?

Syracuse University seems to want to boast about an international humanitarian and Islamic law conference they're holding this week. How on earth does a storied place of higher learning conjoin Islamic law and Humanitarian law when Sharia doesn't recognize non Muslims as human?

Western, humanitarian, and international law is diametrically opposed to Islamic law. They cannot coexist without a diminution of Western law or Islamic law. Because we know the Islamist reaction to changing their laws to suit our society, guess whose law will be submissive to the other? Do you really need to guess?

Thanks to Pam at Atlas Shrugs for linking to my blog.

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Anonymous said...


Can't you get a group together and DEMAND EQUAL TIME. Demand there be a conference on Christian or Jewish Humanitarian Law each -- as well -- to have a proper "relative" viewpoint.

If you mention "Christian" or "Jewish" Law, there will be so much outrage and protest against combining "Church & State" that it may just knock the whole thing out of the ballpark.

If you could get some Christian or Jewish Cleric to write (or sign) a plan for discussion and conference, and submit it, it would really be cool.

They'll choke.

Good luck.