Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Not a day for "patriotic dissent," not a day to "speak truth to power," not a day to forget the past. A day to recognize those who gave up their tomorrows so the rest of us could have today.

Read more about Memorial Day at the VA website.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Political Interlude

La Shawn Barber has posted some political pieces again.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pelosi: Stupid Criminality, Or, Criminal Stupidity?

You decide.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Biff Bammer Presents...

Incompetent, Lying Politicians.

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Lying Whore Blames Hero President

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the lying whore Nancy Pelosi, claims she was too stupid to understand what she was being told by the CIA about waterboarding, according to the enemy Press News Outlet AP. Her criminal incompetence is standing baldly for all to see.

The criminal claims the opposite of what the evidence shows. She's an out and out piece of trash trying to salvage her reputation and maybe her speakership. It's time to call out these criminal thugs for the traitors they are. Only interested in grabbing power and denigrating those who actually care about the fate of this country.

It's time for this thug to leave office, or be removed.

Via Yahoo! News

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Iran Frees Saberi, King Saul® To Bow?

Iran has released journalist Roxana Saberi!

Well, they didn't exactly void the fake conviction of spying, they apparently just commuted the sentence to time served, according to Enemy Press News Outlet AP.

Considering that the evil rulers of Iran certainly don't do anything out of the non-existent goodness of their black, satanic hearts, we wonder exactly what they were offered - or thought they would be offered by The Chastisement®? With the noises coming from The Occupied White House® about forcing Israel to accept new "peace" plans and to basically disarm them, who could blame the mad mullahs if they thought they would be allowed to proceed with impunity to develop and construct an atomic weapon. The multiple anti-Israel actions of the current criminal misadministration would make any rational thinker believe that Iran will be allowed to get their bomb and perhaps, "make peace" with that "shitty little country."

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

There'll Be Burkhas Over The White Cliffs Of Dover

Yep, good ol' Blighty does it again.

The Halfwit Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith thinks she's the hottest thing going today because she's named and shamed a group of sixteen people who are no longer welcome to enter the United Kingdom, according to the UK Daily Mail.

She prolly puffed up her large ego and thought she really showed them who's the boss. She crowed, "'I think it's important that people understand the sorts of values and sorts of standards that we have here, the fact that it's a privilege to come and the sort of things that mean you won't be welcome in this country,' Ms Smith told GMTV. 'Coming to this country is a privilege. If you can't live by the rules that we live by, the standards and the values that we live by, we should exclude you from this country and, what's more, now we will make public those people that we have excluded.'" Yeah, so those thirteen named - three weren't named - are held up as "those kind" they don't want. But who were those three not named, hmmm? People who would have their followers kill you, Ms Smith?

So we know that a couple of nuts like the evil Phelps family aren't welcome, but these people certainly are, aren't they Ms Smith?

Fall Britannia, fall beneath the waves, Britons now ever will be slaves....

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Biff Bammer Presents...

No Cause for Alarm.

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