Monday, May 11, 2009

Iran Frees Saberi, King Saul® To Bow?

Iran has released journalist Roxana Saberi!

Well, they didn't exactly void the fake conviction of spying, they apparently just commuted the sentence to time served, according to Enemy Press News Outlet AP.

Considering that the evil rulers of Iran certainly don't do anything out of the non-existent goodness of their black, satanic hearts, we wonder exactly what they were offered - or thought they would be offered by The Chastisement®? With the noises coming from The Occupied White House® about forcing Israel to accept new "peace" plans and to basically disarm them, who could blame the mad mullahs if they thought they would be allowed to proceed with impunity to develop and construct an atomic weapon. The multiple anti-Israel actions of the current criminal misadministration would make any rational thinker believe that Iran will be allowed to get their bomb and perhaps, "make peace" with that "shitty little country."

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