Friday, June 05, 2009

Flight 93 Eminent Domain Not So Imminent

An evil Crescent of Embrace won't be forced on Pennsylvania landowners, at least at this time according to the Enemy Press News Outlet, AP.

Talks had been at a standstill with landowners who owned the fields where Flight 93 was taken down by heroic passengers. Passengers who spoiled the plans of King Saul's® religion of peace friends to fly the plane into either the US Capitol or some other government symbol.

Suddenly, this drunken sailor administration sobered up and demanded the land for little or no reimbursement. I guess the owners forgot to tell The Occupied White House® that they were part of the SEIU.... So the spending spigot was turned off, but now it appears the .gov has backed off and will negotiate for the land. Maybe the prez's new best traitor buddy Arlen Specter had something to do with it. Possibly a kickback or something. Hey! A guy has to get some reward for backstabbing his party and constituency! A little money for the owners, a little political cover for the naked opportunist. Win-win for them, lose-lose for everyone else in the country though.

As time passes, I'm sure we'll see the ED possibility rear its ugly head again (no, not that ED head rearing....) if the landowners hold out for the true value of the land. It might be nice if they do stick to their rights, although the Heroes of Flight 93 might not get their government approved memorial. One that will probably honor the perps too, as victims themselves no doubt.

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