Monday, June 15, 2009

Nero Fiddles While Iran Burns

King Saul® hath spake: Iran is on its own. No cause for alarm. Just obey my teachers the mullahs, er, your leaders the mullahs.

Dopey McChangitude babbled on about vote fraud while Iranian protesters were being killed by "pro-government militias", according to the Enemy Press News Outlet AP.

This idiot impostor needs to be removed from office. Such blatant lack of concern for people who do not want the criminal in chief of Iran returned to its presidency. All the Clown in Chief can say is "he would continue to engage the Middle East nation, even if Ahmadinejad's re-election is upheld."

You sir, are unfit to hold the office that should encourage people everywhere to demand freedom. You'd soil it by willingly standing by until the gunfire quells the protests, then say, "nothing could be done, it's the will of the people there. We can't really be sure if it was rigged or not. Jimmy wasn't there to verify."

Foul, odious, usurper. Begone from the halls of power. Hie thee hence. You and your hell spawn demons depart at once from America. Go to Cuba, North Korea, or Russia, where they show the same pretense of liberty you so obviously have.

Via Yahoo! News

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