Monday, June 15, 2009

Ooops! AP Says "Terror"

Someone must have been asleep in Enemy Press land as the Enemy Press News Outlet AP posted a story about "homegrown jihadists." They also said "islamic extremist." Punishment soon to come for the wayward writer of course. Now that said, let's see how long it takes to change out these words.

Still, it's an amazing piece of work for one of the main sources of whitewash to even print something as this, even though there is plenty of willful blindness on display. "Counterterrorism officials warn that unless individuals attract attention either through criminal behavior or even threat-laced Internet postings, U.S.-born radicals — particularly those operating alone — could go unseen until they take action. 'One of the scariest things is that we don't have a profile for how someone becomes radicalized,' said counterterrorism expert Matthew Levitt. 'It's different for everybody.' "It can happen on the Internet. It can happen in prison. It can happen in a mosque," said Levitt, who formerly worked with the FBI and Treasury Department. 'There are different ways it manifests itself and that demonstrates how serious a problem it is.'"

Er, bub.... You just profiled a jihadi terrorist. The clue is: Islam. Get it? Apparently not. The root cause is Islamist ideology. Found on the internet, in prison, and mosques. Doesn't take an advanced degree or years in counterterrorism work to understand that. Of course, a conspiracy of silence for the last few years has helped the public go back to sleep after 911. That's fair to blame the general public, but those tasked with finding and eliminating jihadists ought to know this. Willfully acting stupid, or being stupid about causes of terrorism is frightening when held by our leaders and those who make it their business to know these things.

Sadly, the current misadministration seems all too willing to ignore and excuse those who aid and promote islamist terror. Tours of apology won't cut it when trying to eliminate the motivations, it just makes us look weak. Bowing down to foreign potentates does no good, neither does vilifying our allies.

The Occupied White House® has no clue how to combat islamist terror, and doesn't seem particularly interested in doing so either. So much easier to go after those who cling bitterly to ideals The Chastisement® hates, or to demand our allies give up their goals to help further what King Saul® feels is his duty to protect: everyone but us.

Via Yahoo! News

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