Friday, October 02, 2009


Rio was awarded the 2016 summer olympic games!!!!! What a coup for that South American country!!

But, what's that smell???

Oh, it must be the stench of the corpse of the Obama mis-administration after another foreign initiative failure....

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hnav said...

What a shock...

Remember when the media pushed the hype about Hillary Clinton's big star power, trying to get the Olympics for New York?

London won instead for 2012.

Another failure, in the overwhelming record of failure, for the Democratic Partisans and their loyalists in the MSM.

The ego made them make a huge mistake in sending a President, who should be focused on so many other issues, including his failed STIMULUS - PORK Fiasco, and his self described FRONT LINE in the GWOT.

The DNC Titanic is a real joke, but sadly, is sinking us all.