Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's Staying Black....

Many people and pundits are celebrating a win last night. This blog, however, isn't in the mood. Why? Too much filth remains in Washington. There may have been a Red Wave last night, but it not enough to remove the stench and too many evildoers still have important posts in the government.

One of the real people responsible for the economic breakdown is re-elected instead of imprisoned. The America haters may not have the power they once had, but without the complete destruction of the political party obstructing American growth and power, the cadaver controlling our upper legislative chamber will block any efforts to return the country to prosperity.

The evil emanating from the extreme leftists cannot be excised from our country by blocking it a little bit here and there. Defeating any more nation destroying initiatives from King Saul® will be a full time task, however, the repeal of dangerous laws already passed by the current CONgress will fail because of the failure to capture both houses. It seems we can't be sure the current Supreme Court will find for the Constitution.

The continued desire for voters in certain parts of the country to bind themselves with chains into government servitude is beyond comprehension. If they only bound themselves, well then, let them have it. Unfortunately for those of us who prize our political liberty, we - and now our descendants - will be chained with them.

This wave of discontent built all year, but is it now spent? Will we seen the same energy from activists during the next election cycle that we saw during this one? That's the big question. If the movement this year now dissipates and doesn't return for the next season, then all the wave will have done is stirred up the sand, but leave nothing permanent in its wake. With the known fickleness of the uninformed and misinformed American public, it's always a possibility that last night's actions and results will be squandered. That would truly make everything black for America....